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"When I’m having sex, I like to think about throwing a virgin into a volcano. Is this the first time? Is this the first time? HA HA. OH YEAH." - Dan Howell - Dan and Tyler Being Offensive (via kuhamasisha021)
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We Heart It.
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Interpretation of the tracks of “Whatever the people says I am that’s what I’m not”

1. The view from the afternoon: Anticipating things will disappoint you and sending text to a girl when you’re drunk may not be as a good idea as you thought.

2. I bet that you good look on the dancefloor: Hey, I like you. But anyway, I don’t have a clue if you’re interested in me and it seems that you would finally reject me.

3. Fake tales of San Francisco: All about criticising the behaviour of musicians who try to look cool, to be something they aren’t instead of making better music.

4. Dancing shoes: I come hear to pick up a girl, but I’m too shy.

5. You probably couldn’t see for the lights but you were staring straight at me: Everybody is paying you attention and I am not an exception.

6. Still take you home: Although you’re not special, you’re brainless, you only follow the “latest” fashion trends, you have a clear lack of opinion and you lie saying that you don’t know me, I fancy you.

7. Riot Van: Some underage have been caught by the Police, but they don’t fucking care.

8. Red lights indicates doors are secured:
Alex: Look at that gorgeous girl in the green dress.
Friend: Mate, we leave.
Alex: I don’t want to go home and I don’t want to pay the taxi.

9. Mardy Bum: You’re really cute, but you’re a little grumpy.

10. Perhaps vampires is a bit strong but… : People would always judge you and sometimes they won’t give you the support you need.

11. When the sound goes down: Prostitution?

12. From the ritz to the rubble: The bouncer didn’t let me in, so I got a little drunk and met a girl.
But the day after, the conversation I found so deep makes no sense after all. Anyway, it’s better than a Sunday.

13. A certain romance: Lack of romance between the youth.

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That’s perfection

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